What’s Home Office Hero?

I’m Len Markidan, and if you’ve ever struggled with: I'm Len

– Staying focused and productive working from home

– Separating your work life from your home life

– Feeling isolated and lonely without “coworkers”

…then I built Home Office Hero for you.

I’m not a “natural” at productivity or focus.

Yet, I’ve built businesses, consulted for small companies and Fortune 500 giants alike, and I lead marketing for one of the fastest-growing software startups on the web.

And I’ve done it all from my home office.

Mind you, there was a time when that “home office” was nothing but a kitchen table.

But I struggled, I learned, I tried new things and I made it work.

And now, after nearly a decade of successful remote working, I want to help you succeed, too.

I believe that everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee or freelancer, has the potential to work from home productively, find work/life balance, and enjoy all of the benefits that come with working remotely.

Sure, you could go just about anywhere and find the same old, tired, generic advice that everyone seems to give about working from home:

– “Get dressed up as if you were going to an office!”

– “Create a daily schedule!”

– “Get out of the house sometimes!”

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No fluffy “top 10 ways” pieces here. Just proven strategies and tactics that you’ll use to find focus, productivity, balance and happiness working from home.