What habits would you change?

We all have habits — good or bad — in many aspects of our lives:

  • Productivity: strategically planning breaks (good), getting distracted by Twitter every five minutes (bad)
  • Health: exercising regularly (good), eating family-size bags of Doritos regularly (bad)
  • Happiness: active gratitude (good), active grouchiness (bad)
  • Relationships: talking things out (good), giving your partner the passive-aggressive death stare every time they leave wet towels on the floor (bad)

Habits shape the way we live. Having the right habits — and letting go of the wrong ones — can have a massive impact on our productivity, our health, our happiness and our relationships.

And while changing habits isn’t necessarily easy, it’s absolutely possible for you to do.

There are two simple, unconventional truths that you need to know if you want to change your habits:

1) Any habit can be changed or broken.

2) Building systems and automating behavioral change is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

This week, I’m going to share a system with you for building or breaking any habit.

(Well, almost. There are some that require much deeper effort, and often professional help, but that’s a different blog.)

But first, I’d love to know:

1) If you could, what existing habit of yours would you quit tomorrow?

2) Conversely, what habit would you start, tomorrow, if you could?

Leave your comment below. If you’d rather keep it confidential, just email me (len at homeofficehero.com) and let me know (I won’t share your name).

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  • Jackie Nobles

    The “getting distracted by Twitter every five minutes” is pretty much about me if you replace “twitter” with “pinterest.”

  • Dan Hirons

    Oh boy. Checking facebook/twitter constantly are habits that could go tomorrow. There’s more than one habit I’d like to start tomorrow, but reading more books and watching more films comes to mind.

  • Jerry

    Start = Meditate
    Quit = Sugar/Candy

  • http://www.stayuncle.com Sanchit Sethi

    Checking facebook every single hour is the on I would quit. Connecting to someone influential everyday is the one I would start.