How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Not Being Productive

It’s the year 2000. Your time machine has landed you, for some odd reason, on the floor of my living room. I’m intently focused on my computer screen, trying to choose between three equally bad photos of myself. Politely neglecting to tell me that I’m wasting my time because MySpace won’t exist in a few short years anyway, […]

How Your Environment Works Against You (And How To Fight Back!)

I have a question for you. If you clicked on this post, then you probably want to be healthier or more productive. If that’s the case, what’s holding you back? Why aren’t you as healthy or productive as you want to be? (OK, that was two questions. And no, I didn’t bring you here to […]

DO NOT buy a standing desk without reading this first.

Every so often, it turns out that something we’ve all been using our whole lives is actually trying to murder us. A few years ago, it was our shoes. Someone released a study, someone else published a book and the press picked up on it and decided that wearing modern shoes is the most dangerous […]

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